One Thought to “Програма міжнародної конференції Славське 2021”

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    Tuesday, 16 February 2021
    12:00-12:10 Denys Gobov and Inna Huchenko
    Software Requirement Elicitation Techniques Selection Method for the Project Scope Management
    12:10-12:20 Tetyana Honcharenko, Svitlana Tsiutsiura, Kateryna Kyivska, Olena Balina and Iryna Bezklubenko
    Transform Approach for Formation of Construction Project Management Teams Based on Building Information Modeling
    12:20-12:30 Tetyana Honcharenko, Viktor Mihaylenko, Yevhenii Borodavka, Elena Dolya and Volodymyr Savenko
    Information Tools for Project Management of the Building Territory at the Stage of Urban Planning
    12:30-12:40 Anatoliy Shakhov, Varvara Piterska, Olha Sherstiuk and Volodymyr Botsaniuk
    Mechanisms for the Effective Sharing of Risks of Seaport Concession Projects
    12:40-12:50 Sergiy Rudenko, Tetiana Kovtun and Tetiana Smokova
    Research of the Risk of Breaking the Integration Links between the Participants of Projects of Transport and Logistic Infrastructure
    12:50-13:00 Dmytro Lukianov, Viktor Gogunskii, Olexii Kolesnikov, Kateryna Kolesnikova and Krystsina Mazhei
    Using Google Trends to Analyze Global Trends among Modern Approaches in Organization Management
    13:00-13:10 Dmytro Lukianov, Yuri Primak, Viktor Gogunskii and Olexii Kolesnikov
    Passion and Confidence in Success as Unaccounted Factors for ICB 4.0 IPMA Model
    13:10-13:20 Rusan Nadiia and Oleksandr Voitenko
    Emotional-Intellectual and Cognitive Factors of Success in Project Management
    13:20-13:30 Tetiana Shestakevych
    The Criteria for Selecting Additional Functionality of Information Technology
    13:30-13:40 Dmytro Kobylkin, Oleh Zachko, Roman Ratushny and Andriy Ivanusa
    Models of Content Management of Infrastructure Projects Mono-Templates under the Influence of Project Changes
    13:40-13:50 Sergiy Chernov, Sergiy Titov, Ludmila Chernova, Nataliia Kunanets, Varvara Piterska, Lubava Chernova and Yuriy Shcherbyna
    Efficient Algorithms of Linear Optimization Problems Solution
    13:50-14:00 Olga Cherednichenko, Oleksandr Matveiev, Olha Yanholenko and Rositsa Maneva
    Multi-Agent Modeling of Project Management Processes in Distributed Teams
    14:00-14:10 Iulia Khlevna, Iurii Teslia, Oleksii Yehorchenkov, Hryhoriy Zaspa and Andrii Khlevny
    The Concept of Project Management Systems and Project Provision Management Systems Integration into a Single Information Technology of Enterprises Project Activities Management
    The Concept of Integrated Information Technology of Enterprises Project Activities Management Implementation
    14:10-14:20 Alexander Timinsky, Oleksandr Voitenko, Lyudmila Chernova and Liubava Chernova
    The Program of Biadaptive Development of the Organization on the Basis of Cognitive Improvement of Key Competencies
    14:20-14:30 Ivan Kizlivskyi, Oleksandr Shpak, Nataliia Kunanets and Antonii Rzheuskyi
    Creation of a System for Providing Metrological Control of Output Parameters of Ultrasound Medical Equipment
    14:30-14:40 Nataliia Yehorchenkova, Oleksii Yehorchenkov and Anton Sazonov
    Project Management Information Systems: an Experience of Developing and Implementation on a Production Enterprise. Case Study
    14:40-14:50 Yurii Dubas, Valentyna Mudrokha and Volodymyr Pasichnyk
    Information System for the Formation of Individual Educational Trajectories of Students of IT Specialties
    14:50-15:00 Sergiy Rudenko and Tetiana Kovtun
    Formation of the Ecological System Project Products Configuration in the Conditions of Uncertainty
    15:00-15:20 Coffee break
    15:20-15:30 Kateryna Kolesnikova, Heorhii Olekh, Tetiana Olekh and Olga Mezentseva
    Environmental Impact Assessment Procedure As The Implementation Of The Value Approach In Environmental Projects
    15:30-15:40 Sergiy Bezshapkin, Roman Korzh, Olena Verenych and Ihor Vasyliev
    State-of-the-art Geoinformation Technologies Use in the Road Traffic Management
    15:40-15:50 Nataliia Kunanets, Anna Synko and Nataliia Veretennikova
    Information System for Sewing Enterprise
    15:50-16:00 Аnatoliy Tryhuba, Roman Ratushny, Іvan Horodetskyy, Yaroslav Molchak and Vitalij Grabovets
    The Coordination of Products Projects Configurations of Development of the Community Fire Extinguishing Systems with Project Environment
    16:00-16:10 Maryna Kutsenko and Yevheniya Boiko
    Features of Forming a Successful IT Project Team and Method of Team Leader Choosing
    16:10-16:20 Ivan Oberemok and Nataliia Oberemok
    Prioritizing Project Stakeholders
    16:20-16:30 Igor Kononenko and Maximilien Kpodjedo
    The Basics of the Project Portfolio Management Generalized Body of Knowledge
    16:30-16:40 Viktor Morozov, Anna Kolomiiets, Olga Tsesliv and Sergey Kolomiiets
    Construction of a Mathematical Model for Analyzing the Effec-tiveness of IT Startups
    16:40-16:50 Alla Bondar, Sergiy Bushuyev, Victoria Bushuieva and Svitlana Onyshchenko
    Complementary Model for Managing Entropy of the Organization
    16:50-17:00 Аnatoliy Tryhuba, Vitaliy Boyarchuk, Inna Tryhuba, Oksana Boiarchuk, Nataliia Pavlikha and Nadiia Kovalchuk
    Study of the Impact of the Volume of Investments in Agrarian Projects on the Risk of Their Value
    17:00-17:10 Oleh Kovalchuk, Oleh Zachko and Dmytro Kobylkin
    IT development of HR system in the field of human safety
    17:10-17:20 Pavlo Lub, Vitaliy Pukas, Andriy Sharybura, Roman Chubyk and Olga Lysiuk
    The information technology use for studying the impact of the project environment on the timelines of the crops harvesting projects
    17:20-17:30 Olga Artemenko, Nataliia Kunanets, Volodymyr Pasichnyk and Vasyl Kut
    Mobile location-based social distancing recommender system with context evaluation: a project approach
    17:30-17:40 Petro Kravets, Vasyl Lytvyn, Victoria Vysotska, Yevhen Burov and Ivanna Andrusyak
    Game Task of Ontological Project Coverage
    17:40-17:50 Nataliia Kunanets, Marta Karp and Tetiana Yaremchuk
    Paragraphemic component of multimodal text analyzed in software product written in Python
    17:50-18:00 Yurii Matseliukh, Victoria Vysotska, Myroslava Bublyk, Tetiana Kopach and Olha Korolenko
    Network modelling of resource consumption intensities in human capital management in digital business enterprises by the critical path method
    18:00-18:10 Roman Krokhmalnyу, Halyna Krokhmalna and Danylo Krokhmalnyi
    Information and terminological concepts of project activities in higher education domain
    18:10-18:20 Sergey Bushuyev, Igbal Babayev, Denis Bushuiev, Natalia Bushuyeva and Jahid Babayev
    Emotional Behavior in the “Infodemic vs. Panicdemic vs. Pandemic” modeling COVID-19
    18:20-18:30 Sergey Buschuyev, Carsten Wolff, Stephan Recker and Olena Verenych
    Agile-oriented management educational projects on the base of the global trends
    18:30-18:40 Nadiia Vasylkiv, Lesia Dubchak and Anatoliy Sachenko
    Fuzzy Controller of IT Project Management
    18:40-18:50 Oleg Dulishkovych, Hrystyna Lipyanina, Oleg Sachenko, Taras Lendyuk, Oleksandr Osolinskiy and Ivan Kit
    Architecture of Information Space of a Virtual Enterprise with Augmented Reality

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