International Conference in Dortmund, Germany 2020.

Prof. Bushuev S.D. presents the certificate and book to prof. Ortega Bilbao University of Spain



KGNT IPMA Delta certification for Grade 4 in 2019, Almaty, Kazakhstan


Validation of the Egyptian Project Management Association certification program (2019 Cairo, Egypt)


Preparation of employees of the Government of Kazakhstan for certification according to IPMA

Nazarbayev University (2018, Astana)



Conducting the ICB4 business game “Sea Wolf” at the UPMA conference (Slavske, Karpaty, 2020)


Training of employees of the ministries of Kazakhstan, Astana 2019.

4-L-C System Survey: Your Action Needed by 1st August 2020

We are launching the survey about the 4-L-C certification system and need your input!
As you know, CVMB has developed a package of measures that helped the CBs to keep the certification going. Many CBs started to use the remote certification and / or apply the simplified procedures. These measures were urgent and definitely needed to be implemented at this situation for a limited time until end of September 2020. Now we need to move on.

It is time now to collect the lessons learned and share the experience you’ve got.
Please, answer the questions of the survey and let us know your good and other experience.
CVMB will take the survey results as an input for further discussions and decisions on the IPMA 4-L-C certification system.
10 minutes of your time to answer the questions may have a great impact on the future of IPMA certification system!
Thank you for your contribution!
Below you may find the link to our survey:

We are always happy to hear your voice!

Please, share with CVMB: