Training objectives

To introduce students to the models and methods of goal setting and a basic set of methodologies, methods and tools of project management used to control projects in construction companies.
To develop skills of running projects and project management construction company.
To define the approach to transition construction on the project management style on the basis of modern knowledge systems.

As a result of the training, the trainees will acquire knowledge and skills:

Goal setting in projects
Content management and change projects
Project planning and time management
Budgeting and cost control of projects
The development of technological maturity of the company
When carrying out the training will use examples from leading international and domestic companies

The training program

Basic definitions of project management, portfolios and programs.
The life cycle of the project.
Integration of project management with engineering, operations and business technologies throughout the life cycle. Value approach in managing projects.
Key project participants and their roles. Management of project stakeholders. Project management “oriented for success”.
The basic methodology of project management PMBOK, P2M, PRINCE2. The purpose and principles. The processes of project management:
Project initiation
Planning, development of WBS, OBS structures and project network model. The responsibility matrix.
The formation of the project team
Risk management in project
Change management in projects
Monitoring of the project
The completion of the project
Exercises and business games training

The creation of a holistic vision of the project, goal-setting, the formation of the structure of the work breakdown structure and responsibility matrix and project Charter (exercise)

Start Up of the project(business game)
Build the stakeholder map, analysis of risks and opportunities (exercises)
The basic functions of project management in the organisation (exercise):