Search of project managers with adequate knowledge in the subject area the long and laborious process. The reason for this large list of skills and competencies required from the applicant, are not directly related to project management, and more related to the characteristics of the industry or the company.
We offer You “prepare” a project Manager from among the prospective employees of Your company.

A list of promising qualities of project Manager, prepared from the company’s employees:

1. For quality implementation of the project the project Manager is familiar with the business and the specifics of Your company, which is implementing the project.
2. For successful implementation of projects, the project Manager knows Your company, its corporate culture and specifics of work with Your clients.
3. For effective communication, the project Manager has authority, or be personally acquainted with key personnel within Your company.
4. For effective project planning Your company’s project Manager is familiar with all the main processes of the project.
5. Employee loyal to the company, which is engaged in its development and promotion.

Academy of management projects involves training project managers and program managers, and portfolio of Your company.

We can prepare project managers with the following trainings:

Fundamentals of project management methodology
Preparations for the certification IPMA
Management of innovative projects and programs based on knowledge system P2M
Project management on the basis of MS Project 2010-2013
Risk management in projects. Workshop for risk managers of projects and programmes
Creative technologies in managing projects
Managing project Start Up