Ukrainian Project Management Association “UKRNET” is focused on promoting project, program and portfolio management using the competence development models of stakeholders with the possibility of their international certification. International validation of such certification systems ensures recognition of certification and certificates issued in all countries of the world for project and program managers, management teams, project management offices, consultants, trainers and university professors, organizations.

Our mission is to create a style of corporate culture and competence in the project management of enterprises and businesses of Ukraine based on project management, which will ensure our customers the stability and high profitability of their business. As practice shows, the development of companies of world leaders in modern conditions, such a style will be a guarantee of high competitiveness in any field of activity.

The Ukrainian Project Management Association “UKRNET” has been active in the market of intellectual services in the field of modern knowledge creation, global standards and technologies for project management and the development of companies based on the project approach since 1991. The core business of the company is the development and implementation of diverse research in the field of enterprise (business) development based on a project approach, training, and the provision of a complex of consulting services in project management to institutional and private clients.

Even today, project managers trained and certified to international standards successfully manage projects and programs in more than 56 countries around the world — Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Great Britain, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Nigeria, and other countries.

The professional and hard work of specialists of the Ukrainian Project Management Association UKRNET for more than 20 years has become the basis for the formation of holistic principles and criteria for the competence of companies in the market, which has helped to gain the trust of customers, partners and competitors. Our clients are leading Ukrainian and representative offices of foreign companies with a wide range of activities.


Ukrainian Project Management Association “UKRNET” / Ukrainian Project Management Association “UPMA” was organized as an independent association in 1991, from 1988 to 1991. was a member and governing bodies of the Soviet Project Management Association – SOVNET – now is a professional Project Management Association, since 1993 – a member of the International Project Management Association – IPMA.
The efforts of the Association are aimed at developing a culture of project management using modern certification systems for competence, personnel, teams and organizations, methods and information systems. Conducting international certification of professional project managers, organizations, consultants and trainers (teachers) based on the IPMA® system, providing consulting services, conducting training courses on project management, publishing books, standards, teaching aids, etc. Since 1997, the association has a direct cooperation agreement with a professional structure in the field of project management – PMI American Institute of Project Management.

“UPMA”/”UKRNET” provides a wide range of project management services – from justifying the feasibility of a project, building development programs for organizations and business plans, monitoring and controlling project implementation, to forming technologically mature (competent) companies in project management, “commercial survival” research companies and finding ways to improve the efficiency of their business. The activity of UAUP “UKRNET” is connected with the implementation of a number of national and international projects (programs).


LLC “Ukrainian Project Management Association” UKRNET ”

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