The purpose of the module: to develop the company’s competence in the management of programmes of innovative development in modern conditions.

Objectives of the module:

1. Study modern technologies of management of innovative projects and programs
2. To give an idea of how to apply technology of management of innovative projects and programs.
3. Create the skills for the management of innovative projects and programs of development organizations.

The list of basic questions :

1. Introduction. The scanning of trends in markets and organizations through innovation.
2. The innovative concept of project management. Models of project management of leading Japanese companies.
3. The foundations of the P2M system of knowledge management projects and programs of innovative businesses and developing companies. Business game “Innovation projects and development programs on the example of one of the programs”
4. Statement of the problem and the initial situation in your organization.
5. The definition of a preliminary mission of the innovative development program
6. Development of a model of holistic vision of the program and its products. Build schematic (conceptual) model of the program. Creative templates in managing innovative development programs
7. Profiling the mission of the program
8. The definition of indicators of efficiency of program execution
9. The development of the program strategy
10. Architecture development program of the innovative development. The development of a systemic model of programmes
11. Modelling the life cycles and structures of decomposition of individual projects
12. Monitoring software, system of added values, driving forces and resistances, risks and opportunities
13. Development of the service model program
14. The formation of mental space program
15. The closure of the program
16. Lessons and best practices