The certification body ensures that the certificate validity period for all levels and areas of certification is 5 years after the initial certification, after which the certificate holder can be recertified.

The certificate holder should initiate the re-certification process by completing the application – a maximum of 6 months before the certificate expires. With appropriate justification, the certification authority may extend the validity of the certificate for 12 months after its expiration.

The table below presents the requirements for different certification levels:

Level A Level B Level C Level D
Experience in the field that the applicant must demonstrate Minimum 30 months of work experience over a 5-year period Not applicable
Complexity Not applicable
Managed by other people. Managed by other people. Not applicable.
Minimum 35 professional development hours per year (175 total hours) from the date of the last certification or recertification
Table 1. Re-certification criteria for levels A, B, C and D

If the certificate holder does not submit an application for recertification in a specified period, he will need to re-pass the initial certification process.

As a result of the assessment, the following results can be obtained:

certificate validity period extended without an interview;
certificate validity period is extended after receiving sufficient evidence in the course of additional actions (interviews, consideration of recommendations, analysis of complaints and additional information received from the applicant after the relevant request);
failure to extend the validity of the certificate due to unsatisfactory results of the interview and / or insufficient evidence obtained as a result of additional actions.
If it is recommended to refuse to renew the certificate, this recommendation should be accompanied by explanatory documentation.

The certification authority informs the certificate holder that he / she must monitor the validity of his certificate and initiate the recertification process. The certification authority may offer certificate holders a service upon their invitation to recertification.

Recertification process steps

The applicant must prepare documents for admission to recertification.
The certification authority accepts the application and initiates the process. recertification. The applicant fills in the documents for certification.
The certification body checks the candidate for compliance with the criteria and makes a decision on his admission to recertification.
The certification body documents its decision and informs the candidate about it.
The certification authority sets the date for recertification.
Candidate pays for certification, according to the NBU rate for the current date.
The candidate is in the process of recertification.
The certification body assesses the candidate.
The presentation of the certificate.


The applicant is the person who submitted the application for the recertification process.

A candidate is a person who has fulfilled the entrance requirements for the recertification process.

The cost of the warehouse certificate is 60% of the quality certificate

  • Level C €300
  • Level B €480
  • Level A €600